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WordPress and Javascript Competition

Join Us NOW!

We need a JavaScript developer with WordPress knowledge to start immediately for a 3 days project.

What we want from you:
1- Create your own WordPress test website and install usersWP plugin
2- Create a WordPress form using usersWP plugin.
3- Create JavaScript code to update a specific field. (field name: Quantity)
4- Run this code each 24 hours (add 5 to quantity)
5- Show child form in parent page
6- The winner will record a video of the process and and send the url by whatsapp on +961 78 934 937

Tasks completed in 1 Day => 200.00 USD
Tasks completed in 2 Days => 150.00 USD
Tasks completed in 3 Days => 100.00 USD

This is a competition!
First one will complete the task will win the prize!

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